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Desserts: To share

ID Description Price
79 Ice cream platter
Choose from any 5 ice creams to share, served with fresh strawberry, chocolate & strawberry syrup and topped up with whipped cream.

Desserts: Asian

ID Description Price
70 Banana fritters
Fresh bananas fried in a light batter, sesame, desiccated coconut, served with honey, vanilla ice cream and strawberry.
73 Sankaya
A classic light steamed Thai dessert, with egg custard, palm sugar, coconut milk and pumpkin, served with vanilla ice cream and strawberry.
76 Fried ice cream
A scoop of frozen Vanilla ice cream coating it in egg and bread, rolling it in breadcrumb, and briefly deep frying it. Served with whipped cream, strawberry & chocolate syrup and strawberry.
76 Tuitti Frutti Sundae
Mixed Strawberry, banana and topped with 4 scoops of White chocolate and raspberry, Strawberry, mango sorbet and raspberry sorbet, served with strawberry syrup and whipped cream.
76 Coco Lychee
Thai style fresh dessert served with Lychee fruit, sweet corn and coconut ice cream topped up with peanut.

Desserts: Locally Made Ice cream

ID Description Price
81 Mango sorbet £4.95
82 Raspberry sorbet £4.95
83 Chocolate £4.95
84 Coconut £4.95
85 Strawberry £4.95
88 White Chocolate and Raspberry £4.95
89 Vanilla £4.95

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